End of Year Service with Finalsite Learn

Note: Finalsite has announced that the LMS Manager for Academic Classes will be sunset on June 30, 2021. Here's a link for more information. Feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or concerns about this. 

This article outlines the steps that must be taken for schools who have Finalsite Learn (LMS) with Gradebook and Attendance during the End of Year Service performed to prepare your school for the upcoming school year.

Your services will change depending on whether or not you have published reports using Finalsite.

If you use Enhanced Finalsite Learn (LMS with Gradebook) and have published reports through the system:

  1. Sign up for End of Year Service
  2. Archive published reports*
  3. Roll the LMS Manager forward to the upcoming school year
  4. Traditional year-end rollover process
  5. Populate the upcoming year's class and gradebook data

*If you do not have published reports, Finalsite will not perform step #2 but the rest of the process will apply. 

1. Sign up for End of Year Service

There are limited spaces each day to schedule this service, so please make sure to schedule it in advance. Keep in mind that you want to schedule it for any day after you have rolled over your Student Information System (SIS).

Click here for additional information about how to sign up for End of Year Service.

Steps 2 through 4 outline the End of Year Service process.

2. Archive published reports

During this step, Finalsite will archive the published reports from the previous year. Archiving published reports before the traditional year-end rollover process (step 4) ensures data integrity. For example, if teachers are removed before the report is archived, the teacher's name will no longer appear next to the class. 

It also isn't trivial to re-archive the classes after the End of Year Service has been completed, so it is important that this is done before the data has been updated for the next year.

Archiving reports allows you to view the reports for students in Constituent Manager. This also allows parents to view their students' past reports, if that setting is enabled.

For more information about archiving reports, click here.

3. Roll the LMS Manager forward to the upcoming school year

During this step, Finalsite will set the default school year in Finalsite Learn.

In doing so, it will copy forward all of the current term data into the next school year. For the term dates, it will place each one exactly one year into the future.

After the End of Year Service is completed, please go into LMS Manager and update the term dates to accurately reflect the start and end date of the term. This is also the time when you can change the terms (e.g., from semesters to trimesters). 

4. Traditional year-end roll process

Next, Finalsite will complete the End of Year Service based on the services you requested when completing the ticket.

Any students who have withdrawn from the school and are not alumni will be moved to a Former Student role (if not does not exist, the role will be created for you).

Once the End of Year Service is complete, you can complete the final step and submit the academic classes data sheet.

5. Populate the upcoming year's class and gradebook data

With an integration: Turn on the "Classes" data feed in Integrated Services Manager (Modules > Integrated Services Manager). Once that has populated the Academic Classes node in Groups Manager (People > Groups Manager), then you can submit the academic_classes_integration_2016.xlsx data sheet to Finalsite in the End of Year Service ticket. That data sheet can be found here.

Although the integration will feed in the general information about the classes, it does not populate the LMS Manager settings in the group space, such as school and terms, so this data sheet is required.

Without an integration: Submit the academic_classes2016.xlsx data sheet, which can be found here, via the End of Year Service ticket. Make sure to complete the School and Term tab with the information that can be found in LMS Manager.

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