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This article refers to our legacy product, eNotify. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our newest product, Messages. To learn more, read the Self-Enabling Messages Guide or contact the Support team for assistance.

The "Message is Solicitation" checkbox is a courtesy that allows recipients to opt out of receiving fundraising emails. While it may seem counterintuitive at first to not send fundraising emails to every mailing list contact in the hopes of casting as broad a net as possible, allowing community members to opt out of solicitation requests can enhance trust in your website and your communications in general. The "Solicitation" checkbox on eNotify messages allows you to target interested members of your audience for fundraising communications, boosting participation rates and keeping users from opting out of all school eNotify messages entirely.

When users login to their website accounts, they can click the Email Mailing Lists (eNotify) - Settings button to subscribe to, or unsubscribe from, public mailing lists.


There, they'll see any of their current subscriptions, as well as a list of public mailing lists:


Under Global Options, users can elect to opt out of receiving solicitation mailings, as well as out of receiving all bulk messages.

In eNotify, you'll see the "Message is Solicitation" checkbox when composing a new eNotice. 


If that checkbox is selected, that message will not go out to any site user who has opted out of solicitation mailings in their website subscription settings. If a site user who has opted out of solicitation is included on a mailing list attached to this message (or even explicitly selected to receive it), eNotify will not send a copy to that user.

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