Request whitelisting with a user’s ISP/ESP

Emails being filtered by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or Email Service Provider (ESP) require a little more effort to whitelist, and also requires that you have the cooperation of the intended recipient. Most ISP/ESPs have a process for reporting false-positives so recipients can receive emails from a specific sender who is getting filtered.

The steps you will need to take to help a recipient get emails from your school whitelisted by their ISP/ESP are:

  1. Send the eNotice to yourself so that you have it in your Inbox.

  2. Configure your email client to forward emails as attachments. In Outlook 2007, for example, you can go to Actions > Forward as Attachment.

  3. Forward the email as an attachment to the recipients who are having problems and instruct them to forward the attached emails to their respective ISP/ESP's email address used for requesting whitelisting. Please note that the email must be forwarded as an attachment so that the complete header information of the original email is included; this information is lost if it is merely forwarded. Also, the recipient must send the email attachment to the ISP/ESP, not you. (ISP/ESPs will listen to their customers, not you as the sender.)

Note: Each ISP/ESP should have its own email address for such reporting. Two examples are:

  • for Adelphi
  • for Cox

Recipients should visit their ISP/ESP's website or contact its service/support to find the false positive/whitelisting email address for whitelisting email senders.

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