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This article refers to our legacy product, eNotify, which will no longer be available and support for the product will be discontinued, effective August 1, 2023. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our Finalsite Messages, which provides enhanced security and reliability for your school's email communication needs. Visit our client portal for additional information and next steps.

eNotify offers the ability to track how your recipients interact with your eNotices, enabling you to establish behavior trends and identify other information you can use to improve your eNotice performance. Through eNotify, you can see statistics for all eNotices within a day range, all the eNotices in a folder, or a specific eNotice.

Cumulative eNotify Report

On the eNotify Dashboard, click the "eNotify Stats" link to see analytics about past eNotices in the Cumulative eNotify Report. The range can be set from the past 7 days to the past 180 days. The Sent eNotices Report graph indicates the number of eNotices sent within the specified range, while the eNotice Trend Report graph can be set to display open rate, click-through rate, and/or bounce rate. Hover over the data point for information about a specific day. The data can be exported, or the graphs printed or downloaded as raster images.

For more information about open rates, see Track email open rates.

eNotice Report

To see how a single eNotice has performed, find the eNotice and click on the subject line or hover and click on the “stats” icon to pull up the eNotice Report.

The eNotice stats show basic information about the message, such as the number of recipients and what time it was sent, as well as analytics information including Open Rate, Click-throughs, Unique Click-throughs, and Bounce Backs. A pie chart shows the click-through rates for the top links.

The Recipients tab of the eNotice report will display a list of message recipients and the status of their copy of the eNotice. If the message bounced or was opened, a timestamp will appear in the "Status" column. This list can be filtered to show opens only, or bounces only. For bounces, you can opt to "Mark Selected as Bad" or "Mark Selected as Good" (see Find bad email addresses in eNotify for more details). Click on a recipient to see when the message was sent, opened, if there were any click-throughs, and bounce details about that user.

On the Click-throughs tab, you can see a list of the links included in the eNotice along with how many times each link was clicked. Select the number in the second column to see the recipient details of the users who clicked each link.

The data can be exported in Excel, CSV, or XML format, and the graph can be printed or downloaded.

Folder Report

The eNotify Folder Report offers a similar report to the eNotice Report, compiled for all the eNotices in that folder. Click on any folder below the horizontal rule, then click "Folder Stats" to view the Folder Report. Stats, Recipients, and Click-throughs options are all available.

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