The eNotify “report as spam” tool

When an eNotice recipient clicks on the "Unsubscribe" link required to be included on all eNotices, one of the options is "Report as spam."

This spam-reporting feature has no direct impact on whether you are blacklisted by an ISP. The report goes only to your school and to Finalsite, not to any ISP. The purpose of it is to give recipients an alternative to reporting your email as spam directly to their ISP, such as by clicking the "Report As Spam" or "Block" buttons in their email client. When recipients report your email as spam directly to their ISP, that does impact your sender reputation.

The spam report in our tool is intended to give you feedback that people on your list perceived your mailing as spam, allowing you to make adjustments to your list or, perhaps, your content.

Finalsite monitors recipient-reported spam notifications as well; if a school begins generating a large number of these, we can take action or recommend actions to help avoid a blacklisting.

eNotify spam complaint emails can be set to go to the email address(es) of your choice. Submit a service request ticket if you would like the address changed, or to add additional addresses.

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