Site updates, maintenance windows and Read-only mode

Site Updates

Finalsite releases updates on a regular basis, typically every other week. These updates often include brand new features, updates to existing features, and bug fixes. The Software Update Blog is published in advance of each release and includes documentation about changes that are visible to site admins and users. 

Maintenance windows

Software updates typically go out during regularly scheduled maintenance windows, scheduled for early on weekend mornings in the United States when traffic is lowest for most sites (usually on Saturdays from 06:00 to 08:00 AM.)

On very rare occasions, Finalsite may have to schedule an update outside of a regular maintenance window. We will give site admins as much advance notice as possible through typical contact channels (emails, admin notices on login, blog posts, etc.)

Read-Only Mode

Occasionally Finalsite will have to put sites into "Read-only Mode" during site updates in order to update critical files. Sites are accessible to visitors while in Read-only Mode, but both Site Admin (backend) and Portal (front end) logins are disabled. 

Site users will not be able to access any content that requires a site login, such as portal pages, account settings, Finalsite Learn, announcements, etc.

Site admins will not be able to login to update the site.


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