Manage site administrator groups

A site administrator is a special level of admin permission that enables privileges for group members beyond members of a regular admin group.

Members of a site administrator admin group can:

  • Access the FA Sandbox demo site (Support)
  • Create posts on the bulletin board (Admin Dashboard)
  • View the "administrative snapshot" section (Admin Dashboard)
  • Access Alerts Stats (Site Manager)
  • Access Quick Links Manager (Page Manager, Site Manager) 

If the admin group members have access to the appropriate modules, they will also be able to:

  • Athletics Manager: Upload athletics data
  • Constituent Manager: Log in as portal users
  • File Manager: Access private files
  • Groups Manager: Archive groups
  • Page Manager: Access the mobile pages section
  • Site Manager > Page Layouts: Access Styles Manager

The main "Administrators" admin group is automatically given site administrator status. If you'd like to make another admin group into a site administrator group, please contact Finalsite Support.  

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