Access grades for withdrawn students

When a student is removed from a class, they are considered a “withdrawn student” in the system. The way to access grades for these withdrawn students is via the "Roster" gradebook view in the class that the student was withdrawn from.


Once you are in the Roster view, scroll to the bottom of the page to see a link labeled "Show withdrawn students." This link will only appear if there are grade entries associated with a withdrawn student.


Click the link to reveal a list of all of the students who have withdrawn from this class. If you are transferring grades to a different section of the same class, you can simply open up the class in a second browser and enter the grades. If the student is moving to another teacher, you can take a screenshot and send the teacher the image of the student’s past grades.

If your school is using reports and a student is leaving the school entirely, but you will need access to their grades moving forward, we suggest leaving that student in the “Student” role until the end-of-year rollover, when their grades will be archived, and then you can move them to the “Former Student” or “Alumni” role. Remove them from the classes (and their grade / class year so they and their parents are removed from any filtered groups and eNotify lists), so they would be listed as “Withdrawn”; and remove their and their parents’ login credentials.  

If you have an integration that is populating your groups and updating constituent information, you will need to remove them from group membership there, as well.

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