Download resources from a group space

Resources can be downloaded from a group space after they have been posted by saving them individually to a computer. It is not possible to bulk download group space resources as an admin.

If a teacher would like to save their resources, they can:

  1. Navigate to the group space where they would like to save the resources.

  2. Go to "Resources."

  3. Depending on the type of resource, the information will be saved in different ways.

    • Content entered directly into the element: Copy and paste this content and save it to a separate document. 

    • Files: Click to open the file and use "Save as" on the browser once it is open. If it is a .pdf or other document type, it can be downloaded to the desktop of your computer. 

    • Links: Open the link, and copy and paste it into a separate document or location outside of the group space. 

    Please see the video below for an explanation of the different options.


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