Redirect Page Manager pages to Composer

You can redirect existing Page Manager pages to Composer pages by setting the Page Type to “Redirect”.


After saving the page, a new set of options will appear below the General Page Info called Redirect Properties.


URL: Enter the URL of the destination page here, like “”.


Open In: If redirecting to a Composer page, set to “Same Page.”The “New Page” option is a setting that is only applicable to sites still only on Page Manager.


Types of Redirects:

Permanent or “301 Redirect”: This is usually the most common choice when redirecting to a Composer page, as all the SEO “link juice” from the Page Manager page will transfer to the destination Composer page.

Temporary or “302 Redirect”: The Page Manager page will still redirect to the destination Composer page, but search engines will keep the page’s link juice associated with the page.

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