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FinalsiteApply, our admissions software, is a quick way to organize inquiries and applications to your school. In this article we will point you to a few other articles in our Knowledge Base which will point out some of the main features of Apply. These articles are meant to get you up and running, but, as with any software product, we encourage you to explore all of the different options on your own. Clicking around allows you to see different options and features and learn the interface. 

As you begin with Apply, it is a good idea to orient yourself with the backend settings on the admin side. These settings are the building blocks for your unique admissions process.


To begin, consider the more general School Information section, which will be your set-it-and-forget-it options.

School Information

Configuring school academic information

Customizing Themes & Buttons

Editing school photos, caption and descriptions


Next, the Staff Directory is important for creating new admin accounts, adjusting user permissions, and updating personal information:

Staff Directory > Rights per Department

Department settings and creating new departments

Adding new staff members


The Admissions Preferences area of Apply's settings are where most of your customization comes into play:

Program Tab

Campuses Tab

Status & Notification Tab

Tours Tab

Open Days Tab

Checklist Tab

Re-Enrollment Tab

Task Types Tab


Forms are an important component in the admissions process, so be sure to check that your fields are up-to-date and you are collecting all the information you need:

Creating New Forms

Editing Forms in FinalsiteApply

Conditional fields in FinalsiteApply

Creating and Editing Tags


Viewing the student's profile information will be a primary task within Apply, so be sure to explore the various features within the student profile:

Viewing a Student Profile

Editing an Applicant Profile


Edit Status History


Finally, while we recommend using a test account to experience Apply from the parent perspective, you can also see an overview of the various components here:

Navigating the parent interface


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