Exporting Results from Forms Manager

Once the fundraiser / survey / enrollment period is finished, it's time to review the results. One of the easiest ways to do that is by using the export utility in Forms Manager. 

Once the form has loaded up, navigate to the Results tab, which is the last option on the right: 


Next, determine which data you want to export by clicking the blue Set Columns button - This determines the information that will be exported. It's easy to see which fields will end up in the final report, because the columns you set are the columns you get! Every form field is an option, and there are several payment options as well.


Don't like the way it looks? Resetting the columns can sometimes clear up visual errors on the results page.


When you're satisfied with the data, it's time to EXPORT (by clicking the button next to Set Columns.)

There are several popular formats available for download: XLSX, CSV, and XML. Click on your preferred format and the file will be copied to your local machine.

Allowing other users the ability to export results requires a quick visit to the Permissions tab. You can do this by ensuring that their admin group has Forms Manager access, and then making sure that they have permission to “View Results”, as shown here:  

When they open Forms Manager, they will only have the option to open the forms for which they have been granted permission, and only the Results tab will be available: 


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