Understand payment statuses

Listed below are all of the current payment statuses and their meanings. It's important to note these are merely labels; they do not take any action on the credit card or merchant account. You cannot resubmit or refund a credit card transaction by changing these statuses; that can only be done in your merchant account/​gateway interface.

  • Canceled: The user has canceled this transaction. No further action is required by site administrators. Users must complete the form/order again and resubmit it for payment.

  • Completed: This indicates online processing of credit card payment was successfully completed with a positive value (i.e., the total cost was greater than $0.00, and the user's credit card was charged some amount).

  • Completed (0 sum): This indicates that someone has submitted a payment form where payment was not required and $0 is an acceptable final price. (The distinction between this and the Completed status will help when reconciling form submissions with your payment gateway reports.)

  • Abandoned: The "Abandoned" status can be the result of several scenarios. If a user attempts to pay with an invalid card (such as a card that has expired), the system will report "Pending" for four hours to give the user a chance to update their card information. If they do not, or if the user completes the form but no attempt is made to submit the payment portion of form, the transaction will resolve as "Abandoned." To rectify this, the user must either re-submit the form, or fill out a new one and submit it again, this time also completing the payment portion of the checkout process.

  • Pending: This status is in place only while waiting for confirmation from the payment gateway. The user's submission and payment have both been received, and payment has been sent out for processing; however, the payment gateway has not yet confirmed that the payment has gone through. Although payment gateways usually process orders very quickly, this can occasionally take up to about 4 hours during high-volume periods. No manual action is necessary at this time; once the payment gateway processes the payment, the status will automatically update (usually to “Completed,” but occasionally to “Declined.”) If the user has not submitted their payment within four hours of submitting the form, this will be marked Abandoned or Declined.

  • Declined: Payment has been declined by the payment gateway due to expired card, insufficient balance, security lock, or other problem with the credit card. No further action is required by site admins; users can be directed to complete the form again and re-submit with a different credit card or an alternate payment type.
  • Awaiting Payment: This indicates check, pledge, or other non-credit card options were selected, if these options were available. Once the payment has been received, a site admin can then manually edit this entry to reflect the new “Completed” status.

  • Completed (Error): Sometimes, a transaction will have an error at the processor level (which sits between the payment gateway and the bank). Unfortunately, the nature of this error prevents us from knowing whether or not the transaction actually processed successfully. To avoid users submitting duplicate payments and being charged multiple times, we mark these transactions as completed, with a status of "Completed (Error)". This allows the site admin to check their payment gateway logs to verify whether the transaction was successful. If not, they can then contact the user to have them resubmit payment.

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