Fixing Mixed Content Errors

Mixed-content errors occur when content that is not secure is displayed on a page that is secure. For end users, this appears as a pop-up notification in their browser with scary-sounding terms about page safety.


Site Admins can eliminate these errors by finding whatever content on a given page is causing the error, and editing the code for that content so that it's displayed securely along with the rest of the page.

For Finalsite site administrators, the fix for a mixed-content error is to:

  1. Navigate to the page that’s throwing the error.
  2. Find the content that’s being served over an HTTP connection. (If you’re having trouble tracking down the source of the mixed-content error, online tools such as can help zero in on the cause.)
  3. In Composer mode, open the element that contains the non-secured content.
  4. Edit the element's content in HTML mode.


  5. Change the link to the non-secure content so that it looks like this: “//” rather than like this: “”.

Removing the “http:” entirely and just leaving “//” will force that content to load using the site’s default encryption, which will remove the disparity between the page and the embedded content.

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