Set up tiered pricing

This article refers to our legacy product, Forms Manager. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our newest product, Forms, which is already available to you in your modules list. To learn more, please review our New Forms FAQ or Compare Forms and Forms Manager.

Tiered pricing allows you to give attendees a price discount if they purchase a certain number of tickets to an event created with Forms Plus.

Start by adding a Tiered Pricing element (found under "Registration Elements" in the Element Library) to your form. This will activate the Tiered Pricing feature.

Tiered Pricing element

Then, adjust the element settings to set the desired pricing tiers.

Use the fields in the "Responses" section of the element settings to add the various menu selections that users will be able to choose. Give each one a label, a quantity, and a dollar value.

Tiered Pricing responses settings

The "Registration Settings" section has a checkbox that will show end users a running total of their cost as they select various options from the menu.

Registration settings checkbox

On the Preview screen, you can see the difference in how ticket options for tiered pricing options will be presented to end users as opposed to set-cost tickets.

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