Cancelling or Editing a Recurring Payment Plan

Site admins can cancel recurring payments from the Payment Manager module. To access the Payment Manager module navigate to Modules > Payment Manager

Every recurring payment plan that users have established on the site can be viewed in detail by hovering over it on the Recurring Payment Plan Reports tab, and clicking on the 'eye' icon that appears at the left-hand edge. This pops open a new window displaying a detailed view of the recurring plan.

Canceling Recurring Plans

Recurring Plan Settings are shown at the top of the detail view, including the plan's unique Invoice ID, the amount of each payment, the frequency (monthly vs. annual), the number of billing cycles remaining, and the date of the next scheduled transaction.

* Name and address information is drawn from the credit card account used to establish the recurring payment plan.

Underneath that, the Plan Status (“Active,” “Pending,” or “Cancelled”) is shown, as well as the total revenue collected to date, the scheduled End Date of the plan, and the Billing Day – the day of the month that monthly plans are charged. Click on the red “Cancel Payment Plan” to end a plan. This will prevent any future payments from being collected. The plan will switch from “Active” or “Pending” status to “Cancelled.”

Editing a Recurring Plan

The middle section of the Plan Detail window shows the Payment settings. This includes the payment gateway used to process the transaction (typically this will always be the same gateway, which is configured when Forms Manager is first activated on the site) and the transaction currency.

The Credit Card section will show a partially-redacted view of the card number that was entered when the plan was established, along with the type (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover) and Expiration Date.

The Billing Information section displays the name and contact info of the user who created the recurring payment plan.

Click the gray “Edit Payment Setting” button to update any of this information. This is how an admin can update the credit card used to conduct the plan's transactions, for instance. A $1 transaction will be authorized on the user's card to confirm that it is valid. This is an Authorize Only transaction, and no funds will be captured.

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