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If you are considering using the Finalsite Learn software to help your teachers and administrators review their comments for reports, there are a few questions you will want to answer so that you will have the setup that works for your school before teachers begin entering their comments and grades.

  • Who will be reviewing the comments? Student advisers, department chairs, a committee, or even having no one look at the comments will change your settings in LMS Manager.

  • Will you allow teachers to make their own edits to their comments, or do you want the reviewer to make edits for them?

Before you begin this process, it is strongly suggested that you make sure that your LMS Manager is completely set up for the grading process that your school will be using over the course of the year. Changing the LMS Manager structure mid-year can have unexpected results. So, please check your terms, quarters, and plans for marking periods before beginning. Please reach out to Support if you have any additional questions about this.

Setting up reviewers

Most of the work for the setup of reviewers will be done in the LMS Manager. To get to LMS Manager, navigate to "Site Manager" or "Modules and Settings" Modules > LMS Manager > Reports Tab

Support tip: Make sure to select the correct School in the upper-right corner.

The review process can be set individually for each marking period and progress report. For example, you may require comments only for the first and third quarters, while giving the option for comments for quarters 2 and 4 if the student is having difficulty.

The teacher comments can be exported and imported into your student information system (SIS), so you might want to consider enabling comments for each marking period and progress report in order to give teachers an option to include written comments.

Setting up review process

To begin setting up the review process, you will need to "Enable teacher comments." When that checkbox is checked, teachers will see a comment box when they navigate to their Reports tab. Two options for reviewers are presented: "student advisor" and "assign reviewers per class." Although it is possible to assign an advisor to a student as well as a reviewer to a class, the only person who will see the comments for review is the one that is selected here.

Student advisor

If your school decides to use the "student advisor" option, the advisors will need to be added to the constituent profiles of the students. We can do this in bulk for you if the importIDs for the students and their associated advisor is sent in via a support ticket. The field can be found in student profiles in the area indicated by the pink rectangle below.

Assign reviewers per class

If your school wants to use the "Assign reviewers per class" option, you can do so by selecting the "apply bulk reviewers" options under the reports tab.

Entering comments

Once the reviewers are set up and comments enabled, the teacher will be able to enter their comments into their Reports tab in the Gradebook of their individual group space. See this video below:

Reviewing comments

There are two options for reviewing comments. You can have the reviewer simply provide suggestions, or you can allow the reviewer to edit and lock comments when they review them. Here are two videos about each of those scenarios:

Without editing

With editing

Submitting grades

Once the review process is complete, if the reviewer has not locked the grades, the teacher will need to submit the grades as final. Here is a video on what that looks like for the instructor:

Note: You will see two different submit buttons in these videos for the teachers inside their gradebooks. There is a "Submit Comments for Review" button, which will appear BEFORE the end of the marking period/progress report period. The reason for this is so that teachers can submit their comments in advance so they can be reviewed. Then, they will need to go in and submit final grades once the end of the marking period/progress report period has passed.

Once the marking period/progress report period has ended, the teacher will be presented with a "Submit Final Grades" button, which will also send comments through review and submit their final numerical grades/notations if they are present.

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