Set up grade notations

Grading Scales and Skills Grading Scales can be set in the LMS Manager under the "Grading" tab. 

The first section on the left-hand navigation sets your grade rounding. This will determine how individual grade entries are rounded throughout the Gradebook for both teachers and students.  

The following section is "Grade Notation," where you will set the numerical grades and their associated notation scale. Each notation must be associated with a percentage. 

An example of a standard grade notation scale is: 

Please note that you will also want to make sure to include a 0.0 category at the bottom of the scale in order to avoid errors. 

An example of a pass/fail scale would look like this: 

In each case, there has to be some numerical value associated with the notation. 

However, in the individual gradebook a teacher can opt to have an grade overwrite by clicking the edit pencil next to the grade they would like to adjust within the "Reports" section of the gradebook tab. 

The notations for each class can be changed in the "Settings" section of each individual group space.  

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