Set up marking period and progress reports

With Finalsite Learn, there are two different types of reports: "Marking Period" reports and "Progress Reports."

Marking period reports align with the terms that you have created in the LMS Terms tab. These reports will calculate grades based on assignments that fall within the date range of the marking period that you have specified.

Progress reports work differently. They are intended to be a snapshot of the grade that a student has at the exact time that a teacher hits "submit." This means that this "snapshot" is not restrained by the end date of the marking period - it simply cuts a copy of the grade when the "submit final grade" button has been pressed. If for any reason you need to unlock the grades for a progress report, the grade will update along with the snapshot when the teacher hits "submit final grade" for the second time.

Progress reports are created under the Reports tab in LMS Manager.

  1. Create a new progress report by clicking the green plus sign.

  2. The "Lock progress report grades" checkbox will allow admins to lock down the grade reports as soon as a teacher marks them as final to avoid last-minute changes. Leaving this unchecked will allow teachers to make changes after their initial grade submission.

  3. Name and date of progress report. Here, you can label and choose a date for the report. Teachers will be able to submit their grades after the due date that you select.

  4. Report options allow you to choose from which marking period you would like to pull the grades. It will use the starting date of that marking period and allow teachers to submit after the date you select in #3. Again, this will be a snapshot of the grade when the teacher selects the grades as final.

  5. Teacher comments section. Here, you can set comment reviewers. See Setting up comment reviewers for an article on how to set up reviewers. You can also allow reviewers to edit and lock comments after editing, which will save teachers a step, as they do not have to go in and mark the comments final after review.

    Note: There is currently an option to add in "Skill Section" comments, which is tied to the skills grading setup. For additional information on that, see Setting up skills grading.

Marking period reports work in a similar fashion, but their settings are found under the "Marking Period Reports" section.

  1. Marking period reports also have the option where, once teachers submit their final grades, they are no longer able to be changed or edited. Most schools select this option. Individual classes can be unlocked per marking period as needed for corrections and updates.

  2. You can select what information will display on the report. You can display the marking period grade, the term grade, and the year-to-date grade (YTD grade). The marking period grade is the grade that is calculated during the dates of that specific marking period -- a quarter, for example.

    The term grade would be the culmination of any marking periods that have been created under the same term under the "Terms" tab. An example of a term would be a semester containing two quarter marking periods. This grade is calculated by the system and cannot be overridden by the teacher. To adjust this grade, the teacher will want to make adjustments to the marking periods as appropriate.

    The YTD grade is a calculation of all the marking periods based on the grade weighting that is established in the terms tab. This is also calculated by the system and cannot be manually overridden.

    If all of these are unchecked, then only the skills grading that has been set up will appear on the report.

  3. Here is where the teacher comments are enabled and your reviewers can be selected. For more information about selecting reviewers, see Setting up comment reviewers.

    Note: The option to add in skills subject comments is also available for marking period reports.

  4. For marking period reports, you can opt to show attendance data that is entered via the attendance module of the LMS. You can choose to display both class and daily attendance and select whether you would like to display all absences or just excused/unexcused.

Best practices for marking period reports and progress reports

  1. "Set it and forget it" - Select the options that you want at the beginning of the year; changing them mid-year could cause disruption in the view of the published reports. Try to make sure your LMS settings are correct before teachers actually enter grades.

  2. Make sure that your teachers know that a progress report (labeled in their reports with a yellow color) is in fact a snapshot of the grades and is dynamic if the grades are unlocked and changed.

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