Set up skills grading

Skills grading is used for grades that do not involve numerical calculations. Frequently these skill grades will be used to score students on effort or on objectives. Here is an example of a very short set of skills that were added to a progress report. Different skills can be associated with both progress reports and marking period reports. 

There is a workflow to setting up skills grading:

Creating skills subjects: Skills can be assigned to "All Classes" or they can be assigned to specific group spaces via a "skills subject." A skills subject is used to allocate a specific set of skills to a group. Only one skill subject can be added to a group space.

Creating skills notations: In the LMS Manager you will need to set all of your skills subjects under the "Reports" tab. You will want a separate skill subject for any grouping of skills. For example, if 3rd grade Art has different skills than 4th grade Art, you will need to make a skills subject for each of those classes. 

Next you will want to create the "skills notations," which are the scales from which teachers will select when they are grading students. These are created under the "Grading" tab. Here is an example of what a skill notation set looks like:

You can create as many different scales as are needed to accommodate the different skills that your school is assessing. 

Creating skills sections: Once your skills subjects and notations have been created, you can begin creating your skills. The skills are also created under the Reports > Skills Grading. 

  1. The section title can be used to allocate specific skill set sections to all classes or to specific classes. If your skill subject and your skill section have the same name, you can leave "Display section title on report" unchecked to avoid confusion.

  2. Here, you can choose whether this skill set applies to marking period reports or to progress reports. 

  3. You can apply this skill set section to "all classes" or you can apply it to a specific skill subject that you have set up. Note: If you do not see any classes listed here, please make sure you have at least one skills subject created.

    This is also where you will associate a specific notation to the skills section. 

  4. Once you click "Add New," you will be able to add as many skills as you would like. You must add a "Skill Title," but you do not need to add a description. You can select the arrow to rearrange the skills within the section. 

    For a specific skill subject, the skill sections will be listed alphabetically. If you would like to determine the order, you will want to use a number or letter at the beginning of the section title to order them the way you would like. 

Connecting skills subjects to groups: Once you have created these skills sections you will need to associate the skills subjects with group spaces. This is set in Modules and Settings (Site Manager) > People > Group Manager > Group > Group Space Tab > LMS Manager Settings.

A few notes about skills grading:

  1. The skills grading information cannot be exported, but it will be saved in the system and archived when reports are archived. 

  2. The skills sections and titles cannot be bulk uploaded; however, they will be rolled forward each year so that you will only have to enter the skills once and then tweak them as needed in subsequent years. 

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