Display News Manager content in News elements

You can use the News element to display content from News Manager on your Composer site. You can find it under "Module" in the element picker window.

Before configuring the News Element, first make sure the settings in News Manager are correct. Posts in News Manager can be sorted into one or more categories; likewise, News Elements can be set to display posts from specific categories. In addition, you can setup your categories so that a user is taken to a specific page on your site when they click on a post from that category.

For instance, imagine that you have a section on your site's homepage displaying a number of recent News posts from a variety of categories. When a user clicks on a post from the "Athletics" category, they're taken to a page in the "Athletics" section of your website. Clicking on a post from the "Alumni" category, however, directs users to a different page entirely, this time in the "Alumni" section of your site. Even though the user is starting from the same place (the homepage), the News posts they click on behave differently depending on how the posts are categorized in News Manager.

Configuring News Manager Categories

First, open up News Manager from the Module menu. 

When a News Post is created, the author can assign it to one or more categories. Authors can select “All Categories,” or they can use the checkboxes to get more specific.

Note: Using the "All Categories" option works exactly like selecting every single category checkbox. It's not a separate category, it's really just a shortcut to selecting every single category that's been created.

Categories are created and managed in the “Categories” tab of News Manager. Click on a category name to edit it.

The "Link Posts to a page" setting determines where on your site a user will be taken when they click on a post that's assigned to this category. Clicking on "Select Page" will bring up a list of pages on your site that have News Elements on them. Choose the page that you want users to land on when they click posts in this category.

Configuring Composer News Elements

Going back to Composer, find the landing page that you selected for news in this category, and open up the Element Settings.

Make sure that this element is set to display News from the chosen category. (You can set this element to display news posts from an additional category as well, if you like.)

Under “General Settings,” select “some categories.” Choose one or more News Categories from the list, and save your settings.

Remember that the “All Categories” option in News Manager works exactly as if you'd checked off every category on the list. This means that even if you restrict a News element to only show posts from a selected category, any News post that’s set to “All Categories” will appear in that element, as well.

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