Multimedia manager images

Please note, any of these recommendations are general. You may need to increase pixel sizes to work specifically with your image and with your site. If you have questions, please feel free to reach out to your Project Manager or Support!

For acceptable image quality with the least disk space usage, an 800x600px image will work well.

For better quality images, an image that is 1024 pixels in width will match the display size of the slideshow player.

For best quality images, an image that is 1920 pixels in width will match the size of the full size image viewed at full screen.

You should not have to upload images that are more than 72dpi if the dimensions are within the specs above. Also, keep in mind that some digital cameras may save the raw images as .tiff files with CMYK color profiles. When saving the images as .jpg files prior to upload, it is recommended that you select RGB color profile if possible. CMYK may not convert optimally, although it may be adequate for some images.

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