Add a form to a page on your site

This article refers to our legacy product, Forms Manager. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our newest product, Forms, which is already available to you in your modules list. To learn more, please review our New Forms FAQ or Compare Forms and Forms Manager.

Once you are finished creating your form, it’s simple to put it on your site to make it available for users to complete.

In Composer

  1. Add a Form element to a page or banner.

  2. Edit the Element Settings and select your form.

In Page Manager

  1. Create a new page with the page type "Form Page" and the page format "Form."

  2. Save the new page, and then select your form in the "Form Page Properties" box.

For direct access

  1. Go to the form's Build & Edit tab and find the "Activation" section on the left.

  2. Select the checkbox labeled "Allow this Form to be shared externally," then click the "Direct URL" link.

  3. A new window will appear with a web address pointing straight to this form. You can add this web address to emails, calendar events, and other locations on your site to allow users to open it from anywhere. The form will work on both desktop and mobile platforms.

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