Filtering and selecting athletics teams (Page Manager)

If a team isn't showing up on a calendar page in Page Manager, check to see how you're selecting the teams to display on your calendar page. You've got two options: you can either explicitly select which teams to include on the page, or you can setup a filter to automatically capture any teams that match specified criteria.

Explicitly selecting teams

When setting up a Calendar Page in Page Manger, use the Calendar Properties box to select the "Athletics Teams" checkbox. The available sports seasons will appear, with their own checkboxes. Select the season (or seasons) whose teams you want to display on this page. Drill down and choose one or more teams - those teams' events will appear on the calendar page.

Note that only the teams that are selected here will ever appear on the page. So if you select all of the Fall sports teams, as in the example above, and then later add a new JV Boys Cross Country team, that new team won't appear on this calendar unless a page admin goes back into Page Manager and specifically selects that team. This is an extra step that would have to be performed any time a new team is added to Athletics Manager and needs to appear on a calendar page.

Filtering teams

That extra step can be avoided by setting up Athletics Filters instead of selecting Athletics Teams. To setup a filter, open the Calendar Page in Page Manager and in the Calendar Properties box select the "Athletics Filters" checkbox instead of "Athletics Teams." Next, use the "Add Filter" dropdown menu to select at least one filtering criteria:

Athletics teams can be filtered onto a page by:

  • School (if applicable)
  • Season (Fall, Winter, etc.)
  • Advantage (Home/Away)
  • Sport
  • Division (Varsity, JV, etc.)
  • Gender

Multiple filters can be applied to a single calendar page. Each filter will narrow down the teams displayed, as a team must satisfy ALL filter conditions in order to appear on the calendar. In the example above, the calendar page would display all Cross Country teams that compete in the fall, regardless of whether they are Boys or Girls teams, and including both JV and Varsity squads. In order to filter out JV teams and only display Varsity Cross Country events for instance, another "by Division" filter would have to be added.

Using filters, any new teams that are created in Athletics Manager will automatically have their events appear on the calendar page, provided they satisfy the filtering options. It's even possible to create a Calendar page using Athletics filters that don't have any criteria selected - this will create a calendar page that displays ALL Athletic events, regardless of season, team, division, and so on.

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