Publish and export grades and attendance

Once teachers have submitted their grades, the comments have been reviewed and all of the information is marked final, the grades can then be published by a site administrator. Attendance can also be exported from the Attendance tab next to the reports tab. See the bottom of this article for attendance specific information. 

To publish a report, the site administrator will go to Modules and Settings (or Site Manager) > LMS Manager > Reports Tab > Publish and Export. From here, you will see a list of all of the marking period and progress reports for the school year that is identified in the upper right-hand corner. When you select one of these reports you will be able to see "Final Grade Status." This is where you can see the progress of each of the group space gradebooks as they move through not submitted --> in review --> reviewed --> marked final. 

"Not submitted" means that the teacher has not yet submitted grades or comments. "In review" means that the grades and comments have been submitted to a reviewer which has been set up that group space. You can see the article in this section about setting up reviewers for more information about this process. Once the reviewer has completed the review it will either switch to "reviewed" so that the teacher can re-submit their edited comments, or if the editor can lock the grades it will go directly to "marked final." This is a quick visual way to see the progression of your teachers and their grade-submission process.

When your teachers have submitted the grades and you are now ready to publish the grades, you can select the green "Publish Now" button at the bottom of the screen. The eyeball icons show you which constituencies this report will be visible to. You can change the visibility on the "Schools" tab.  

Once the publish button is selected, the reports will be available to the constituencies that you are allowing to see the reports. At any time you can use the "Export" button to export the data that is associated with this report. 

The standard file formats for the export are Excel, CSV, and XML. If you have an SIS for which we support a specific export, that will also be listed here for you. Once the export is complete, you can work with your SIS to get the information into their system. If you are unsure of the columns required by your SIS, we suggest using one of the standard Excel, CSV, or XML exports and talking with your SIS about formatting the sheet in a way that works for them. 

Please note that skills grading cannot at this time be exported; however, the numeric grades, comments, term grades, and year to date grade can be exported using this method. 

Exporting Attendance

Under the attendance tab, you can use the "Export" data option to export the attendance data for an entire school. Please note, those who are attendance admins can also export data directly from the user interface.


Once the data has been exported, it can be imported into your SIS. 


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