Import Google Calendar events to a class calendar

Faculty members who use Google Calendars to track class events can pull event information into their class calendars in Finalsite Learn. 

  1. First, make sure that the Google Calendar you want to pull into the class calendar is publicly shared. To do this, open up the Google Calendar and click the gear icon to reveal the dropdown menu, then select "Settings" to open up the "Calendar Settings" page.

  2. Go to the "Calendar" link to view available calendars. If the Google account has multiple calendars, select the one you want to share with the class. This will open up the "Calendar Details" page.

  3. From the "Calendar Details" page, click "Share this Calendar."

  4. Make sure the checkbox labeled "Make this calendar public" is selected, then click "Save."

  5. Return to the "Calendar Details" page, and scroll down to the section labeled "Calendar Address." Click on the green "iCal" button to pop open a new window with the URL of the Calendar's iCal feed file, and copy that URL to the clipboard.

  6. Go to the class and open the "Calendar" tab. Select "Import Events" from the "Calendar Tools" dropdown menu.

  7. In the window that pops up, select the "URL" tab, and paste the iCal feed URL copied in Step 5 into the field. Make sure that the appropriate class calendar is selected from the dropdown menu. Click "Import" to save the Google Calendar to the class calendar.

    (Select the "Publish on import" checkbox to make sure that calendar events can be viewed on the class calendar as soon as the red "Import Calendar Events" button is clicked. You could disable that checkbox to hide some calendar events while displaying others, but you would then have to go through each event on the calendar individually to publish the ones you want to show.)

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