Export multiple athletic events in a single iCal feed (Page Manager)

Due to the different ways in which Calendar Manager and Athletics Manager handle events, the Athletics Manager module does not currently have the ability to automatically generate iCal feeds for more than one Athletic team at a time. It is planned to simplify this situation by combining Athletic Events and Calendar Events in a future release; for now however, it is possible to come up with a single iCal feed URL which includes athletic events across multiple teams with some manipulation of the available tools.

The basic idea is to create a new Calendar Page on your site, and then pull all of your Athletic Events into that Calendar. With that done, it will then be possible to craft a URL for an iCal feed that draws information from that unified athletic calendar. Let's go over the process one step at a time:

  1. Create a new page on your site with the "Calendar" page type.

    In Page Manager, navigate to the section of the site where you want to create the new Calendar page, click the "Add Page" link, and select "Calendar Page" from the Page Type dropdown.

    Note: you do not have to display this Calendar Page on your site if you don't want to, you simply need to create it in order to generate the iCal feed URL. To keep the page from being visible on your website, uncheck the boxes at the top of the "General Page Info" section marked "Display this page on website," "Enable Internet search engines to find this page," and "Enable Internal site search to find this page." This way, the page functionality will exist on your site without your having to display the calendar. If you would like to display the calendar, leave those three checkboxes selected.

  2. Take note of the Page URL as you create the Calendar page. The Page URL is displayed in Page Manager, at the bottom of the "General Page Info" section. You particularly want to note the number at the very end of the URL - we will use this number in a later step.

  3. Scroll down and click the red "Save This Page" button. Upon saving the Page Manager screen will update, and you will see the "Calendar Properties" box.

  4. In "Calendar Properties," find the gray box with the "Available Calendars" expanding selection tree, then drill down to find your Athletic events. Select the teams you wish to display in the iCal feed. If you want to include all Athletic events, click the checkbox at the highest organizational level which covers Athletics.

    You can create an iCal feed for any group of sports by altering which Athletic Events are pulled into the Calendar. It's even possible to create multiple iCal feeds for different combinations of teams by creating multiple Calendars which pull in separate groups of Athletic Events (for instance, all Boys Varsity teams, or all Softball teams); simply repeat these steps for each iCal feed you want to create.

  5. When you have selected the appropriate sports for your custom iCal feed, Save and Publish the page. You have now created a new calendar which includes all of the events you wish to include in your iCal feed, but if you go and look at that calendar on your site you will notice that there is currently no way to get an iCal feed URL for it. (Again, this is because of the difference in how Athletic Events are processed as opposed to events in Calendar Manager.)

    Forget that - we want an iCal feed! Here is the formula to generate a custom Standard or Google iCal feed URL for the calendar that you just created:

    Standard iCal URL: http://www.[your domain]/calendar/page_XYZ.ics 

    Google iCal URL: http://www.[your domain]/calendar/page_XYZ_gmt.ics

    Replace [your domain] with the address of your website.

    Replace XYZ with the number you noted in Step 2.

  6. You can insert the Standard URL into iCal or any other calendar-management software which accepts iCal-formatted data feeds. You can insert the Google URL into Google calendar. You can even publish these URL's on your site for others to use in their own calendars.

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