Create blog pages with News Manager

Note: News Manager is just one way to create a blog in Composer. You may also be interested in using Finalsite Posts to manage a blog. For more information, refer to Posts and News Compared.

You can use News Manager to create blog posts that are displayed on Composer pages. Site visitors can leave comments on blog posts, and authors can use the News Manager commenting features to moderate post comments. This article will walk you through the process of setting up a blog page and configuring a News Manager category to populate it with posts.

  1. Create a blog element on your site. In Composer, create a new page, or navigate to an existing page where you want your blog posts to appear.

  2. Add a News element to the page, and click its gear icon to adjust the element settings. Set the element to “Post” view.

We’ll come back to this element to customize it again, but first, we have to configure News Manager.

  1. Open up News Manager

  2. Click on the “Categories” tab, and hit the green “New Category” button.

  3. Give the category a distinctive name; the description is optional.

  4. Click the “Link Posts to a Page” checkbox, and select the page that you just edited above.

  5. Click “Save and Manage Rights."

  6. Select the category from the list at the left.

  7. Find the admin user(s) who will be updating this blog, either through their admin user group, or through the individual User Permissions tab.

  8. Make sure that whoever will be creating posts for this blog has an admin login, and that they have “Editor” and “Publisher” rights for this News category.

Go back to your blog page, and edit the News Element you added earlier.

  1. Under “General Settings,” select “Display News Posts.

  2. "Select “Some Categories"

  3. Choose the News Manager category you just created.

  4. Click “Post Details"

  5. Select the components of each News Post blog entry that should be visible in the News Element (Title, Author, Date, etc.)

  6. Select the “Display Comment Form and User Comments” checkbox, and use the dropdown menu to select how you want commenters’ names to appear on the site page.

When you want to create a blog post, authors will go to News Manager and create a new post.

They will need to select the “Enable Comments” checkbox, and then select whether they want to moderate the comments (that is, review them before the comments are displayed publicly, and if they will want to receive an email notification whenever new comments are posted). If an author wants to receive email notifications, they’ll have to enter their email address in the field provided.

Finally, authors will need to select the relevant News category when they save and publish their posts.

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