Page Pops in Composer

You can use the Composer interface to create popup messages, or "Page Pops," on selected Composer pages.

Note: If you are adding a Page Pop to your Composer site, you will need to use the "Page Pops" link in the main Composer menu shown below, NOT the "Page Pops Manager" link under Modules & Settings in the top admin toolbar.

Select the "Page Pops" entry in the Composer menu.


Note: If you are unable to see the "Page Pop" option as full Site Administrator, it is likely a permissions issue that Support will need to correct for you, so please submit a ticket via the Support Portal. If you are able to see the option while admins in another group cannot, go to "Permissions" in the Composer menu and assign their admin group "Admin" permissions for "Page Pops."

On the Page Pops menu, you'll see a series of controls that let you create a new Page Pop, or identify Page Pops that have already been created.


Click the green "+" icon to create a new Page Pop. When you do, you'll be prompted to set four basic properties for the Page Pop:

  • A name for the Page Pop. Note: This displays as the title of the Page Pop and will be visible
  • The text and content of the popup message
  • The date range during which the popup will be active
  • The pages on your website that will show the popup (Composer users can only edit PagePops on pages that they have rights to edit in Composer.)

You can add images, videos or other rich content to your popup message - you're not limited to just text!


After you've added your content, use the two date-picker windows on the right to select the start and end dates for the popup.


You can also click on the time display underneath the calendar to set specific times of day for the start/end period of the popup message.

After you have created your popup and established the time frame for it to be visible, select which pages on your site will include the popup.


Click "All Pages" to include this Page Pop on every page on the site.

Or, click "Selected Pages" and then the "Select Page" button to bring up a page-picker window. Select the pages that you want to feature this popup, and save your choices. The popup will only appear on those pages you chose.

Re-using Page Pops

You can re-use a Page Pop after it's been saved. Your previously created Page Pops are listed in the left-hand nav bar. Use the blue filter buttons to display only those Page Pops that are currently active, scheduled to display at a future date, popups with no display dates set, or popups whose display dates are in the past.

Select an existing Page Pop from the list. Its contents will appear in the main window. You can change the popup content, or leave it as it is and simply change the display dates. You can also edit the list of selected pages.

When a Page Pop is displayed to an end user, the user has the option to close the popup and tell the site to never display it again. If you open an old Page Pop to re-use it, you can select the "Display Pop Again" checkbox to reset the popup's visibility settings for all users, so that your updated content will appear again for everybody visiting the selected pages.


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