Bulk uploading faculty images

Each profile in Constituent Manager can have both a Small and a Large image associated with it.

Many schools use the Small Profile Photo in conjunction with a Directory Element (or a Directory Page on Page Manager) to create a Staff/Faculty Directory. When this directory is first created, site admins have to update a large number of constituent profiles with the corresponding images.

Rather than do this by hand, you can use the Faculty Photos Datasheet to automate this process.

  1. Upload all of your faculty and staff profile photos to a common folder on File Manager. (It may be helpful to use each person's ImportID as the file name for their image.)
  2. Download the template linked above, and fill it out with each user's ImportID (or FinalsiteOpenID) and the URL of their photo.
  3. Submit a "Data Upload" ticket to Finalsite Support and attach your datasheet to it.

Support will automatically update each profile on your datasheet to reflect the associated image file.

Please refer to Editing user thumbnail images for more information about optimizing your faculty photos before you upload them.

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  • What is the minimum number of photos that we can submit for a bulk upload?

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