Sharing a news post on Facebook

When content from a News Page is posted to Facebook or another social media platform, certain other pieces of information from the page beyond the content text will be automatically pulled into Facebook as well.

In other words, you won’t just post a news article: Facebook will also automatically pull in an article’s thumbnail image, title, author, and other associated pieces of data. (This associated information is called “metadata,” which simply means “data about data.” The term refers to any descriptive information that adds context to the main content. For News Manager posts, this includes any of the additional info you add when creating a News post - author, title, summary, and so on.)

There are several standard pieces of information that go along with a News Post when it’s shared on social media. In order to standardize what metadata accompanies a post, Facebook created and shared a standard called “Open Graph.” This means that any social platform that takes advantage of Open Graph will display metadata like an article's title or thumbnail image consistently.

The table below shows what kinds of data are pulled along with a News article, where that data comes from initially, and the corresponding "Open Graph tag" used by social media platforms.

Note that these Open Graph tags are only generated when content is shared from a News Page - a Composer page with a News Post element which has the “Override page’s title and metadata” option selected.

Open Graph tag
Direct web address to the article [News post vanity URL] og:url
Article title [News post title] og:title
Content type “article”* og:type
Content description [News post Plain Text Summary] og:description
Image [News post picture] og:image
Articule author [News post author label] article:author
Publication date [News post publication date/time] article:published

*This is the same for all News posts shared on social media, regardless of the article's topic.

Tip: If a URL has never been shared on Facebook before, Facebook may not properly capture all of the relevant metadata. News pages that are generated when a News post is first published will fit that category. In order to make absolutely certain that Facebook is tracking the proper metadata, you can use the Facebook Debugger Tool. Facebook has put together a useful document about metadata best practices, covering things like image dimensions and other parameters to make content sharing as smooth as possible.

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