Specifying news post order

News posts default to being displayed in reverse-chronological order based on the time they are published - newer posts appear at the top of the list.

In addition to the publish date and time, there are a few additional options for customizing the order of news posts.

Priority: The priority setting allows you to sort posts within a particular date. Posts on the same date with higher priorities will appear before those with lower priority.  

Sticky: Marking a post as "sticky" will override the chronological order and put that post at the top of the list until the "sticky" designation is removed. Use the checkbox in the "Status" section of News Manager to mark a post as "sticky." The "sticky" setting can be set to automatically expire after a set number of days (from 1 day to 30 days) using the dropbox to the right.


You have the following posts in your News Manager:

  • Post A, Published: 9/13, 3:00 PM, Normal Priority, Sticky
  • Post B, Published: 9/14, 4:00 PM, Normal Priority,
  • Post C, Published 9/15, 11:00 AM, Highest Priority
  • Post D, Published 9/15, 3:00 PM, Normal Priority

The order that these posts will appear when brought into a news list is:

  • Post A (Stickied posts always appear first, regardless of date published.)
  • Post C (Published on the most recent date; takes precedence over Post D due to the higher Priority setting)
  • Post D (Published on the most recent date.)
  • Post B (Oldest post, not sticky.)

For more information about generating announcement emails from News posts, see the Knowledge Base article Sending multiple news alerts for a post.

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