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Note: This article specifically pertains to "News Manager." 

It's easy to integrate the power of social media with Finalsite content. You can use a combination of Finalsite features and third-party distribution tools to automatically push content from Finalsite out to your social media accounts.

Most of the content you'll want to distribute will probably originate from News Manager or Finalsite Posts. All News Manager content is organized into at least one category, and categories have a feature called "RSS feeds" that can be used to automatically generate posts on social media with posts from News Manager.

dlvr.it is a free service that allows you to import an RSS feed and generate automatic posts to Twitter, Facebook, and other social media services.

To get started, you'll need to create a dlvr account. Once that's taken care of, you'll need to set up a new "feed," which is the way that News Manager content is piped out of Finalsite and pushed out to a specific social media account.

Setting up a Feed

First, you'll need to get the URL for the News RSS feed you want to use as a source for tweets. Open up News Manager and click the RSS Settings tab. Scroll down to the "RSS Feeds" section where you'll find a list of URLs, one for each of your individual news categories.

Creating a feed using the URL from a particular category means that the feed will push out any and all News Posts assigned to the selected category.

You'll also see a URL at the top for called "Main URL" - this feed address includes content all News Manager categories.


Copy the feed URL for the category you want to use, and paste it into the "Find a Feed" field in dlvr.it, like this:


Then configure the sharing options to determine when and what to output from Finalsite:

  • New Items - You can decide whether to display new content immediately or add it to your queue.

  • First Post - You can post the most recent item immediately, or you can wait until something else is published - or you can display the maximum number of posts.

Social Media Distribution

On the next screen, select which of your social media accounts this feed will update to. You'll have to supply your credentials to so that dlvr can access your account.

You can then repeat this process for other social media sources:

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