Publishing a news post without an alert

To publish a News Post without sending an alert, you can set a publication date for sometime in the past. The post will behave as if it were published immediately after being saved, but no email or text message alerts will be sent.

Alternatively, a post can be scheduled for the future AND not send any alerts as long as it is assigned ONLY to a category that has RSS feed and Email Alert notifications disabled.

You can either alter an existing news category to disable Email and RSS Alerts, or create a brand new news category with notifications disabled from within News Manager.

From the Categories tab, click "New Category" and fill in the "Category Name" and "Category Description" fields with the title and description of your category. Be sure to select both checkboxes to disable notifications.

Any News Posts saved to this category will be published on News List and News Archive pages, but will not be distributed via email or RSS.

Note: if you create a post in a category with notifications disabled and then go back later and re-save it to an additional category with notifications enabled, a notification will be sent out when the post is re-saved.

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