Hide classes/group spaces from students and parents

Frequently schools will want to set up classes and group spaces for their teachers in the middle of the summer. However, often the classes are populated with rosters of students and that information is not quite ready for the public at that time.

There are two steps to hiding where students and parents can readily access this information. These two steps include hiding the "Groups Dashboard" button on the account bar and hiding any "Groups" portal elements.

Note: If a student or a parent has their groups dashboard bookmarked or they arrive at your www.yourschool.org/groups.cfm they will be able to access the groups dashboard. The only 100% way ensure they will not see their classes is to not put in the enrollments into the classes.

To hide the "Groups Dashboard" button on the account bar:

  1. Navigate to Constituent Manager.

  2. Navigate to Settings (upper left hand corner).

  3. Click Constituent Roles 

  4. Select Student or Parent, as needed.

  5. Select the "General Settings" tab. 

  6. Check the "Hide groups menu on the account bar." 


The second thing to ensure is that there are no Groups elements which list out the classes on the student or parent portals.

For Page Manager: 

You can use the disk icon on the groups element to save the element to your library so that you can delete it from the portal and the put it back whenever you are ready.


For Composer:

It is fairly easy to add back in the groups element from scratch, but you can create it as a shared element so that you can just select it from your element library when you are ready.


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