Making past posts sticky

If the publish date of a news post is older than the set number of sticky days (seven, by default), the sticky checkbox will be grayed out.

To take this post and make it sticky again, you'll need to change the publish date of the post and schedule it to within seven days (in the past) of the current date. You will then be able to check off the sticky option, and set the number of days for the post to remain sticky (from the set published date).

For example:

  1. A news post is originally posted on September 1st.
  2. On September 20th, it becomes relevant again, and needs to be made sticky. At this time, however, the timeframe has passed and the sticky checkbox is grayed out.
  3. Change the post date to September 19th, and save the post. (Scheduling it in the past prevents it from sending out another alert.)
  4. The sticky settings are now enabled again, and can be activated.
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