Updating Facebook page with website content

What information can be posted to social media platforms?

Blogs and News Manager posts both feature RSS feeds, which can be used to share content with virtually any social media platform.

You can find RSS feeds for all of your News posts within News Manager, on the "RSS Settings" tab. Each category that you've created in News Manager has a corresponding RSS feed.

The "Main URL" RSS feed will aggregate all of the content from the individual categories.

Note: If you do not want to include content from a particular Category in any external social media sites, you can turn off the RSS feed for that category in the "Categories" tab.

You can also obtain an RSS feed link from a blog page on your site. Just right-click on the RSS icon and select "Copy Link Address":

Using this link, you could push your blog posts out to other content platforms.

Connecting with Facebook

Facebook does not have native RSS support and requires the use of a third-party tool to pull content from News Manager or a blog. There are several options available, and fortunately many can be made to work with Twitter as well.

The simplest option is to link your Twitter account to your Facebook fan page - this would re-post any tweets you make to your Facebook Wall or Fan Page. This is a seamless and automatic process, but it wouldn't do anything on its own to publish your content from News Manager. You would still have to create Twitter posts manually and include a link to your News Manager content.

Bringing it all together

If you only want to enter content in one place and have that content pushed out to both Facebook and Twitter, look into Twitterfeed. After creating an account on Twitterfeed, you'll be able to add the name and RSS feed URL of your blogs and/or News Manager categories. You can add multiple feeds of different types, so if you want to distribute posts from different blogs and several individual News Manager categories, Twitterfeed will accommodate that.

After adding your RSS feeds, you'll be able to choose the Twitter account where you want your blog/News posts published. Twitterfeed also allows you to publish blog/News posts to Facebook and to LinkedIn - you can even select more than one Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn account to publish the content from your site. For each social media platform you can customize how your posts will appear, specify thumbnail images, and so on. You also have the option to add custom Google Analytics tracking tags to the links back to your site so that you'll be able to tell how many users visited your blog or News page from each social media platform. Twitterfeed itself also has a "Dashboard" feature which will tally up views and clicks, so you can analyze the performance of your feeds and how they are sending traffic back to your website.

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