Allowing multiple users to edit a single blog page (Page Manager)

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Each blog page has a moderator, who is notified of new posts and comments. The moderator is not necessarily the only person who can post to the blog, however. Anyone with administrator access to the page can create new posts. You can give more than one user rights to post on a blog page by creating a Site Admin account with restricted privileges to edit that page, and then adding the moderators to that group.

If you have students who need to be able to post to a blog moderated by a teacher, for instance, the best thing to do would be to setup an administrator group that is locked down with very limited rights. To do this:


  1. Create a new admin group with the settings shown below.

    Go to Site Manager, select Admin Users, and click "Add Group."

  2. Fill in the User Group Name and Group Description. Make sure the User Group Type dropdown menu is set to Restricted,  uncheck all of the Page Rights except for "Edit/Save Selected Pages", uncheck all of the Banner/Layout Rights, Site Manager Rights, and File Manager Rights.

  3. Click the red "Save Group Changes" button. An "Advanced Rights" link will appear in the "Page Rights" box. Open the "Advanced Rights" window, and uncheck all of the boxes in the pop-up window. Click "Save Advanced Rights" to close the window.

  4. Click the Select Group Pages button. Navigate to the blog page and select the appropriate checkbox. Also, select the corresponding radio button on the right, and click "OK" in the resulting pop up warning. This will redirect them straight to the blog page when they log in.

  5. Add to the admin group you just created the users whom you want to post to the blog. With the above settings, they should be able to create new posts on the blog page you selected in step 4.


As an alternative, you could have the initial moderator create posts, and have the students simply comment on them. This would eliminate the need to create administrator accounts for the students, but would also limit the functionality of the page for them, and would require the moderator to create all new posts.

Note that the above does NOT apply to Discussion Forums on Classroom Pages. Class Discussion Forums are always moderated by the admin associated with that class - usually the teacher of that class. In order to add moderators to a Class Discussion Forum, a new administrator would need to be associated with that class. It is not possible to restrict admin access to just the Discussion Forum; any new admins would also have access to Dropboxes, Calendars, and any other feature of the Class Page.

Also, faculty members would not be able to moderate any posts to this blog - only comments to blog and forum posts can be moderated. Giving students admin rights in the manner described would give them full control to create and publish blog posts.


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