Searching constituent directories by nickname (Page Manager)

You can add a "Nickname" field to constituent profiles in Constituent Manager. If this field is present and populated, site users will be able to search Constituent Directories by nickname.

Populate the field in Constitutent Manager:

Users will be able to see results returned when searching by nickname on a Constituent Directory page.

Adding the Nickname field to Constituent Manager

You may not see the Nickname field available to be filled out in Constituent Manager by default. If this is the case, a site admin can add the nickname field to constituent profiles in Constituent Manager.

First, open Constituent Manager, click "Settings", and then select "Constituent Roles."


Click on the role that you want to update with the nickname field.

In the "Profile Fields" tab, you will see a list of unused fields in yellow on the right which can be added to the existing profile fields on the left. Find the "Nickname" field, and click-and-drag it over to one of the profile sections on the left. Drop the "Nickname" field wherever you would like it to appear in the Profile section of Constituent Manager, then scroll down and click the red "Save Profile Fields" button to save your changes. Constituents in this role will now be able to fill out the nickname field in their profiles.

Nickname fields can be populated manually by an admin, or by individual users updating their own profiles; they can also be included on a  datasheet upload to modify multiple profiles all at once. Download the Data upload template for Student and Parent Portals to populate a data sheet.

For more information on customizing directory page results, check out the Knowledge Base article Allowing users to control profile data visibility.

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