End of Year Service

The End of Year Service (EoY) system organizes the process of updating your Constituent and Academic Class data for the next school year.

What does Finalsite's End of Year service entail?
How do I request End of Year service?
How will new data be added to the website?
What if I'm integrating with a third party student information system?
Frequently Asked Questions


What does Finalsite's End of Year service entail?

The End of Year (EoY) service is the rollover of website data to reflect the upcoming school year. Your specific End of Year service will vary depending on which Finalsite features your school is using. It's likely, though, that you'll need at least one, if not all of the following standard EoY services.

1. Constituent Maintenance

If you've populated Constituent Manager with student and parent data, here are the services we recommend for you:

  • Promote Student Grade Levels

    We offer to bulk increment student grade levels, for client’s that don’t have a student data integration (a sync which updates the student current grade field automatically, based on the grade promotion in your Student Information System).

    The End of Year service form will ask for you to list all student grade levels in order, to confirm the proper grade sequence for this promotion.

  • Graduate Students

    ...to the "Alumni" role

    We can remove the "Student" role and apply the "Alumni" role for all graduating students. Our team will typically reference the student “classof” and/or “current grade” values in Constituent Manager to identify graduates.

    ...to the "Public Users" role

    If you don't have the "Alumni" role, but you’d like to retain the ability for graduated students to manage email and alert subscriptions, we can move graduates to the “Public User” role.

  • "Graduate" Parents who no longer have children at the school

    ...to the "Alumni Relatives" role

    We can apply the "Alumni Relatives” role in bulk to all parents of graduated students. If parents of graduating students have another current student relationship, we have a process in place to retain the parent role for this service.

    ...to the "Public Users" role

    If you don't have the "Alumni Relatives" role, but you’d like to retain the ability for parents of graduated students to manage their email and alert subscriptions, we can move graduates to the “Public User” role.

  • Delete Graduating Student and Parent Alert Subscriptions

    We can delete alert subscriptions for all graduates (students, parents, or both). We recommend this service, such that graduating students and parents don’t receive email / SMS alerts after graduation.

2. Academic Class Maintenance

We have designed our software around the concept of Archiving classes instead of re-Using classes.


We can move Academic Class groups in bulk from the "active" to the "archived" section of Group Manager.

Archiving a class hides that class from students and parents, faculty members however still have full access to archived groups and to all data specific to those groups (resources, calendar events, discussions, etc.)

Archiving a class hides that class from students and parents. Faculty members, however, will still be able to Access archived classes and Import information from archived classes.

LMS Manager Sunset

Finalsite has announced that the LMS Manager for Academic Classes will be sunset on June 30, 2021. Here's our Finalsite Learn Sunset article with more specific information and the announcement we had made about this change.

3. Miscellaneous Maintenance

Several modules such as Athletics Manager, Calendars Manager, etc. may require additional clean-up and/or configuration before the start of the next school year. At this time, we do not offer any End of Year services for modules other than those referenced in the "End-of-Year Services Registration" ticket form. If you’re interested in bulk updating data in modules not listed in the EOY service form, feel free to include your request in the form’s “additional note’s for the support team” field.

How do I request an End of Year Service?

End of Year Service requests are submitted via the Support Portal.

Open a new ticket, and select "End-of-Year Service Registration" from the first dropdown menu.

End of Year request option

Please be sure to complete all required fields, and to select an appropriate date for the roll over. You will receive an email confirmation message upon successful registration of the service, and you will receive a reminder email a few days before the service ticket is scheduled.

We will begin updating your data on the date you choose. While we cannot ensure a specific time of day for your roll over, we limit the number of End of Year processes each day so that we can accommodate each request on a given day on a first come first serve basis.

Note: In order to make sure we perform each service request on its assigned date there are a limited number of slots available for each day to process rollovers, so you'll want to schedule your update in the Support Portal as soon as possible!


How will new data be added to the website?

If your school does not have a data integration configured, you'll need to provide our team with a data upload spreadsheet containing your new data. It is recommended that you submit new constituent datasheets on the date of your End of Year service.


What if I'm integrating with a third party student information system?

For schools who integrate their Student Information Systems(SIS) with the Finalsite software, there are a few special circumstances to take note of.

You must select your End of Year service date after your SIS rollover date.

Constituents leaving your school will NOT automatically be purged from Finalsite (e.g., graduating seniors, withdrawn students and their families). 

  • For schools using the same SIS for students and alumni, the new alumni role will be added automatically to the graduates, but the “student” role will need to be removed in Finalsite.
  • For schools using different systems for students and alumni, we recommend deleting graduating students, and importing alumni as new profiles. In the case that you’d like to retain graduating student constituent data, feel free to mention this in your service request.

Finalsite will automatically disable classes and enrollments data feeds on June 1st. In order to prevent the sync overwriting previous year’s classes, we recommend that the integration feeds be re-enabled in the Integration Services Manager only after the rollover has been completed within your SIS.

If you elect to continue to use Academic Classes in Groups Manager:

  • The “classes” feed populates new classes (groups in Groups Manager), as well as teacher (admin) memberships
  • The “enrollments” feed populates students in classes. Once students are added to classes via the enrollments feed, students and parents can see next year’s class assignments when logged into your site.

Admissions Syncs:

For schools with Blackbaud Education Management, OpenApply, or Ravenna admission data integrations, feel free to reach out to the support team in a separate ticket, to coordinate the rollover of your admissions seasons.


Frequently Asked Questions

Does my school need to do this?

We encourage all clients, even those with a third party data integration, to take this opportunity to review their data and website settings at this time, especially those who have students and/or parents in Constituent Manager. We will need to perform your End of Year service rollover before dynamically filtered mailing lists and directories reflect the appropriate users for the upcoming school year.

What if I don’t have the Alumni or Alumni Relative role?

If your site does not include the Alumni or Alumni Relative roles, we typically recommend deleting graduating students and parents, such that they aren’t incorrectly caught up in any filtered directory or mailing list.

If these roles are not available, but you’d like graduates to be able to manage email/alert subscriptions, we can move users who would normally go to these roles to the Public User role instead. Read more about the Public User role.

How do we handle withdrawn students?

In the EoY request form, we provide several options based on your school’s preference.

  1. Move users to the Alumni role, if included in your Finalsite agreement
  2. Delete withdrawn students and their parents
  3. Move them to the inactive role, if the student may return

When do I need to schedule this?

The End of Year service form will be available via the Support portal on May 16th. We recommend scheduling this service as soon as possible. Since we can process a limited number of requests per day, we accept service dates on a first-come, first-served basis. If you currently integrate with a third party, your EOY service will need to be scheduled after your SIS rollover.

Now that I’ve scheduled my EOY, what do I do now?

We recommend that you prepare all required documents for your EOY rollover for your service date (withdrawn student list, new constituent datasheets, etc.). Finalsite support will contact you via the ticketing system on the day of your service.

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