Create admin user groups

To create an Admin User group:

  1. Navigate to the "Admin Users" section via the "People" menu in the left navigation. You can also select Modules and Settings > People > Admin Users.

  2. At the top left, select "Add Group."

  3. Leave default settings in the top section.

    Note: User Group Type "Restricted" was previously used for Page Manager "Teacher Page" admins, which are no longer used.

  4. Allocate rights in the bottom section by checking and unchecking permissions to modules as needed.

    Note: The "(admin)" option next to certain modules will give the user group full access to the module. Those without the (admin) option will grant access to the module but to no content within it.

  5. Click "Save Group Changes" at the bottom to create your group.

  6. To add users to this group, see our article on Adding and Removing Admin Users.

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