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If your school has activated the Google Drive integration feature for the Finalsite LMS (Enhanced and Basic levels), you can access files stored in your own Google Drive account directly from the LMS. Google Drive files can be shared via Activity Stream updates or uploaded as file-type resources. Students will also be able to submit Google Drive files directly to Dropboxes.

Activity Stream: 


Dropbox (student upload):

In all cases, clicking the Google Drive icon will pop open a window where you can select which file from your Google Drive account you want to use.

The first time you access Google Drive through the LMS, you'll have to sign into your Google account with your Google username and password. You'll also have to grant your school's website permission to access Google Drive:

Click the blue "Accept" button to enable Google Drive access from LMS features. Once this is done, you will not have to sign in or confirm access again.

Using an alternate Google account

If, after you associate your Google Drive account with your LMS user account, you decide you want to use a different Google account on the LMS, it's possible to do so. You'll have to log out of Google entirely:

  1. Go to any Google page and click your profile in the upper-right corner, then click "Sign out" in the menu.

  2. Close all of your Google-related browser tabs to ensure that you're no longer signed in.

Then go back to the LMS - when you attempt to use Google Drive, you'll be prompted to repeat the Google Drive sign-in process. At this point, sign in to the account you wish to use with the LMS.


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