View the Group Directory

Teachers can also view one another's class pages, with the proper permissions using the Group Directory feature. This can even be used to allow parents to see all academy classes, as well. To do this, select "Academic Classes" from the dropdown menu:

Click on the name of any class to jump directly to its class pages, or use the Search field to look for a particular class.

Teachers can click on the name of a class to view its class pages as a guest (in other words, the same sort of visibility that parents of class students have). Teachers will not be able to edit any information on another teacher's class pages, and will not be able to see some content (such as Dropboxes - see Can Parents view their students' Academic Group Spaces? for more details).

In order for other all Academic Classes to be visible in the Group Directory, a Site Admin must turn on Guest Access for members of the Faculty/Staff role

  1. Go to Group Manager, and click on the "Academic Classes" node:

2. Click on the "Group Space" tab:

3. Click on "Guest Access," then select the checkmark next to "Faculty & Staff:"

4. Click "Update Settings" 

Teachers will now have guest access to each others' classes via the Group Directory Menu. This will not impact class data such as resources or assignments. 

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