View children's groups as a parent

Parents can be granted guest access to their students' Academic Groups. In Group Manager, click on "Academic Classes," and select the checkbox labeled "Allow parents to view student Group Space."

Although parents will not be listed as guests in the Members tab of each Academic Group, they will have the same access privileges as Guests. This will include the ability to view:

  • Dashboard
  • Resources
  • Blog posts (read-only; commenting is disabled)
  • Calendar entries (including homework/quiz/test events)
  • Media
  • Members tab (the members tab visibility can be switched on or off for parents, according to settings controlled by a Site Admin. Some schools may choose to hide the Members tab for parents. Regardless of the visibility settings, parents will NOT be allowed to use the Bulk Email tool on that tab, ever.)
  • Most other content posted to Academic Group Spaces

Guest-level access is read-only, which means parents will not be able to contribute content of their own; they will only be able to view what others have posted.

Parents will not have access to:

  • Quizzes
  • Dropboxes
  • Discussion Forums

Parents may or may not be able to see Gradebook information on their students' assignments; this will depend on the settings that Site Admins have chosen when configuring Gradebook in the LMS Manager module.

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