Uploading files or images to File Manager

This article refers to our legacy product, File Manager. For the best Finalsite experience, we recommend using our newest product, Resources, which is already available to you in your left navigation bar. To learn more, please review: Resources overview.

File Manager is still used in two existing areas of your Composer platform: 

  • Constituent Manager: Faculty profile images are stored in File Manager to be connected to constituent account profiles. Read more at Bulk uploading faculty images.
  • Athletics Manager: All files used within the Athletics Manager module are stored in File Manager.  

Locate File Manager in your left navigation module menu. 

file manager.png

Browse File Manager to find your faculty images and athletics manager files. The left side of the screen contains a list of folders. Click on a folder to display the files and sub-folders it contains on the right. If the folder where you want to save your file doesn't exist, use the new folder link to create it.

To upload files, navigate to the folder where you want to save them and click the upload files link at the top of the File Manager screen.

upload files button.png

When you click on upload files, a window opens where you can choose between two options: Basic Uploader and Bulk Uploader. 

  • Basic Uploader: Use to upload single files
  • Bulk Uploader: Use to upload multiple files at once.

basic uploader vs bulk uploader.png

Drag files from your computer into the Bulk Uploader or click Add Files at the lower left to select files from a folder on your computer. You can add as many files as you want to the Bulk Uploader - up to 300MB of files at one time.

If you decide not to upload a file after you've added it to the Bulk Uploader, click on the gray icon at the right-hand side of the file row to remove it.

When you've added all of the files that you wish to upload, click the Start Upload button. The files will be added to File Manager.

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