Embed a YouTube video on a Group Space

The YouTube element that is available for teachers to add to their group space home pages, is available in the customize menu. 

  1. Load up the YouTube video. Copy the URL from your browser's address bar to your clipboard.
  2. Log in to the school page, and navigate to a class home page. Click the "Customize" button there to change the layout of elements on the page.

  3. Drag a new "YouTube" element onto the layout, drop it wherever you'd like it to appear, then click "Apply."

  4. Click "settings" to edit the element you just placed.

  5. Give the video a name in the "Title" field, and paste the URL from YouTube into the field provided.

Note that you aren't limited to embedding single videos - you can also embed the name of a channel to display all of the videos on it, a YouTube user's username to display all of the videos that person uploads, or the URL of a YouTube playlist.

There is a known issue with playlists returning an error and not displaying. Our developers are aware of this, and we apologize for the inconvenience this causes. We recommend using a content element and linking to the playlist from there.

To embed more than one YouTube Video, you can use the embed element also in the customize menu of the group space. 

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