Set up the schedule tool

The LMS Manager includes a "Schedule" tab.

LMS Administrators can use the tools here to create the school's academic schedule in Finalsite. This gives teachers and students detailed class information on their LMS Dashboards, including block schedule information (shown as colors in the screenshots below).

Teachers can also see Attendance shortcuts, if applicable. The green buttons will turn gray when Attendance is taken.

Creating a schedule will also give teachers access to the new "Find my Student" feature:

Creating a schedule

Creating a schedule involves configuring your school's block schedule rotation (if applicable), and then configuring your school's period schedule.

Rotation Days

Setting up Rotation Days simply means recreating your school's block schedule format in Finalsite. Use the controls to add as many unique days to the list as are in your block calendar. (Don't worry about class times yet, we'll handle that next.) For this step, you simply add the number of days that are in your block schedule to the Finalsite schedule.

If your school doesn't use a block scheduling system, just add a single rotation day.

In this example, our block schedule has 8 unique days, each with the name of a letter:


Next, click on "Blocks/Periods" and create all of the different blocks that might be on your schedule on each day. In this example, each block has the name of a color:

Not all of these blocks will appear on every day on the schedule, but each of them will show up at least once during the 8-day cycle of Rotation Days.

Note: If you already have periods associated with your academic classes in Group Manager, use the same period names here.

Rotation Schedule

Next, you'll set up the schedule of blocks for each rotation day you created.

Click on a Rotation Day under "Rotation Schedule."

This is "A Day." It features the Red, Green, Yellow, Blue, Purple, and Brown blocks, so their start and end times are entered into the left and right columns, respectively. All of the blocks created on the "Blocks/Periods" screen above are shown. Orange and Pink aren't used on A Day, so they're left blank.

These times are entered for each of the other Rotation Days. The blocks are listed in alphabetical order when blank; after a time has been entered into each column, the blocks will sort chronologically.

Build Calendar

After creating the Rotation Days and configuring each of the Blocks/Periods, click on "Build Calendar."

Select the Start Date and End Date for each term.

The best practice is to set your start and end dates for each uninterrupted stretch of Rotation Days. For example, if your schedule runs from the beginning of the Fall Semester until the Thanksgiving break without a disruption in the rotation pattern, but starts over again upon return from break, you'd build the calendar twice: once from the start of the semester to the start of the break, and again with the start date set to the day school returns and the end date set to the last day of the semester.

Use the "Rotation Start Day" to select which Rotation Day will start off the calendar.

The checkboxes let you select Exception Calendars as configured in Calendar Manager. When this checkbox is selected and an Exception Calendar is chosen, the system will not schedule classes on any dates with an event on the Exception Calendar.

Manage Calendar

The Manage Calendar screen lets you remove past or future dates from the calendar.

To remove a day from the rotation schedule, first find it on the "Manage Calendar" screen.

Click the "View Past Dates" link to see dates that have already occurred.

Removing calendar dates

If January 8 is a snow day, for example, you'd click the "[delete]" link next to 01/08/2016.

If your school ignores unplanned closings such as snow days in the block calendar scheduling, then you won't need to adjust anything else if school closes for weather or other events. Simply delete the day from the calendar. The block calendar schedule continues as it was initially configured.

If, on the other hand, your school reopens on the missed block day:

  1. Delete the day from the calendar.

  2. Go back to the "Build Calendar" screen.

  3. Set the next day (the day school resumes) as the Start Date of the calendar.

  4. Select the appropriate Rotation Day to restart the rotation.

  5. Create the calendar again.

The new days will be scheduled according to the settings you entered. The missed day will be left off the calendar, and classes will resume according to the rotation schedule that you set.

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