Explore the Finalsite Learn Dashboard

The LMS Dashboard can be accessed by teachers by clicking the “Groups Dashboard” link in the Finalsite account bar, displayed at the bottom or top of screen when a teacher first logs in, or via the “Dashboard” icon on any LMS page. These sections are not able to be edited or changed.

The Dashboard shows a unified Activity Stream, displaying the most recent actions taken in each of a teacher's groups, as well as upcoming calendar items scheduled for each of the user's groups.

Further, the Dashboard also includes a comprehensive calendar view showing ALL of a user’s calendars, including those for academic classes, Athletics teams, site calendars, and their children’s groups, if applicable.

In addition to the activity stream and the calendar, depending on the permissions of the individual viewing the dashboard, you can see a variety of different features. 

At the top there is a bar which features links to different features of the Finalsite Learn product. These features include messaging, reports, attendance, and quizzes. Quizzes will appear for all teachers who have assessments enabled for the academic classes node. Attendance will appear for attendance admins. Messaging will appear for all users (students, parents, or teachers) depending on the messaging settings. Reports will appear for schools that use the gradebook reporting feature. 


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