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The Finalsite Status Page is our most effective way to quickly and accurately inform you about service interruptions to your website.  By subscribing to email and phone (SMS) notifications, you can learn about problems that may affect your website visitors as soon as we identify them (which will typically be before your visitors notice).  You can also choose to receive automatic status updates to keep you informed of our progress as we work to resolve the issue.  Finally, you can see any post-mortem reports of the problem and relay that information back to your organization leaders.

Enabling access

  1. To access the Finalsite Status Page, located at, you (the Site Administrator) must first enable access in the Admin User's profile.  You’ll do this for yourself as well as any non-Site Administrators who you’d like to grant access.

  2. Once access has been enabled in the Admin Users’ profile in the Finalsite CMS, users will receive an email asking them to create a password for their new Finalsite Status Page account.

  3. Clicking the link in the email will take the user to a webpage asking them to create a new password for the account.

  4. After setting a password, the new account is created and the user will be taken directly to the Finalsite Status Page.  Here they’ll be able to quickly see the status of various Finalsite properties including your website.

Subscribing to updates

Having access to the Finalsite Status Page is great, but what’s even more powerful is the ability to receive notifications to your email or phone the moment we identify a problem that could affect your website visitors or organization.  This way you always have the most up-to-date information about the problem.

  1. To subscribe to notifications, click the “Subscribe to Updates” link at the top of the status page.


  2. Enter your phone number and/or alternative email address (like a personal email address) where you’d be interested in receiving these notifications. (Note: you can unsubscribe from alerts at any time.)

Receiving updates

  1. Any time we identify a service interruption, we’ll create an incident report that can be viewed on the status page.

  2. If you have signed up for email and/or text alerts, you may receive messages that look like the following.



Disabling access

At any time Site Administrators can disable access to the Finalsite Status Page by returning the Admin User’s profile and clicking the “Disable Status Page Access” link.

Closing remarks

Site Administrators can enable access to the Status Page for any non-Site Administrator accounts.  We recommend enabling Status Page access for anyone who may contact Support during a service interruption.

During service interruptions, our Data Center and Support teams are made aware of these problems instantaneously by our internal monitoring.  We get to work on fixing these problems whether or not it is reported via our Client Communication Channels (Phone and Ticket Support).

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