Creating a Coach portal (Page Manager)

Note: This is for sites on our Page Manager platform only.

The Coach role that you see in the Constituent Manager is technically an "Athletic Contact" and not a full role. As a result, you cannot restrict access to a page based on membership in that role, the way you can do with the "Parents" or "Faculty and Staff" roles. In order to password protect a portal page for only these "Coach" users, we have to setup a new group in Group Manager with the same members, and then restrict access to the page based on membership in that new group (rather than restricting membership based on the Coach-role-that-is-not-a-role.) Quirky? Definitely. But it works!

Here's what you do:

  1. In Group Manager, create a new group called "Coaches." In this example, the new group lives under the "Athletics" top-level group. This isn't required, but it will help later on when we need to distinguish the group from the role.

  2. Save the group by clicking the red "Create Group" button at the bottom of Group Manager. The next step is to populate the group. We'll use a Dynamic Filter to ensure that everybody who is a member of the original "Coach" role automatically becomes a member of this new "Coaches" group, as well. Click the "add dynamic filter" link, and set the dropdown menus to "Membership," "in group," and "Coach," respectively. When selected the group for the third dropdown menu, select the original "Coach" role. This role is found under the "Athletic Contacts" section in the third dropdown menu.

    Be sure that you select the "Coach" role that's under Athletics Contact!

  3. Go to your Coach Portal page in Page Manager

  4. Click "advanced controls," and select "Password Protect Access to this page"

  5. Next to the "Groups" category, select "View All," then find the "Coaches" group that you created (remember that in our example, this group was created under the "Athletics" top-level group, so we have to expand "Athletics" to find it.)

  6. You're all set. Because the the "Coaches" group is dynamically pulling in all the members of the "Coach" role, everybody who is made a Coach in Athletics Manager will automatically also become a member of the Coaches group. That group, then is what's used to grant access to the portal page.

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